Focused on making kioke for the next 100 years

Yamaroku Soy Sauce Brewery (Shodoshima, Kagawa Prefecture)

“My dream is to pass down the legacy of kioke for my grandchildren’s generation,” says Yasuo Yamamoto, owner of Yamaroku Soy Sauce Brewery. Preparing for the next 100 years’ batch of soy sauce, Yamamoto?san and a local carpenter worked together to construct kioke (a large wooden barrel), a challenge that has not been done before in contemporary times. Only after one visit, you will soon become a big fan of Yamaroku and its beliefs.

I just want to go to this brewery!

Without needing to make a reservation, you can tour the brewery with detailed explanations of traditionally?brewed soy sauce. The brewery itself is quite simple and old?fashioned, however it gives any visitor a deep impression. In the midst of a dim and tranquil stillness of the whole atmosphere, it almost seems like you've entered another dimension.

After the tour, you have the opportunity to try their soy sauce. With four unique tastes, many visitors boast about the soy sauce they bought in a tucked away brewery on Shodoshima. And by word of mouth, many people travel to Shodoshima just to taste Yamaroku Soy Sauce. Although many people are satisfied with his products, Yamamoto?san is always looking for ways to improve the brewery, and always gladly welcomes any challenges.

Up a narrow path, Yamaroku Soy Sauce is tucked behind the main road. Everything is laid out in the open, with nothing to hide. Many visitors often say, “That’s it? There isn’t anything more?”

The main brewery is made entirely of wood, and the kioke barrels pictured above have been used for well over 100 years. “When people start to come in, the fermentation becomes active! It’s almost as if the fermenting mash can sense people nearby. However sometimes the fermentation is not as vigorous when other people are around…” jokes Yamamoto?san.

When stepping into the main warehouse, one may feel surprised to see the all the bacteria residing in nearly every surface of the brewery. These bacteria (lactobacillus and yeast fungus) are all tightly packed on the outside of the kioke, and they are critical for traditional fermenting methods. Usually, you don’t ever see a kioke barrel with this many bacteria on it.

With Shodoshima’s geographical location, the warehouse receives low humidity and a nice breeze. Because of these factors, there is always a fresh, crisp feeling, with no unpleasant smell inside. In this serene brewery, it seems as if the essence of timelessness is flowing throughout.

Essential soy sauce from Shodoshima



Pursue the limits of deep richness and mildness. Raw soy sauce aged for two years, and re?fermented for another two years. Use this soy sauce to bring out the flavors of your steak. You can even use it for your vanilla ice cream!

Price: \428 + tax
Ingredients: soybeans, wheat, salt


Crisp and simple tastes coexist in black soybeans



Orthodox taste with a noble scent and a refreshing aroma. Using large Tamba black soybeans, this soy sauce has a strong umami (savory) flavor. Brewed in a kioke barrel, this soy sauce features an elegant taste and beautiful color. This pairs well with tamago kake gohan, or “raw egg over white rice” seasoned with soy sauce.

Price: \428 + tax
Ingredients: soybeans, wheat, salt



Yamaroku Soy Sauce Brewery

1607 Yasuda-ko, Shodoshima-cho, Shodoshima-gun, Kagawa Prefecture 〒761-4411
TEL:0879-82-0666  FAX:0879-82-1293